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OK, I’m ready

I have just spent the last hour copying out the 101 acceptable 2 letter words for Scrabble. to keep in the box with our score pad. I have also found the longest word consisting of all vowels EUOUAE¬† :¬† a … Continue reading

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Old McDonald’s got nothing on us!

E I E I O (O O ) Hubby was in considerable pain after a trip to Wells yesterday which took over an hour to return from, so MOH and I played against each other while he had a rest. … Continue reading

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Scrabbling for words

MOH and I played two games of scrabble last night, and surprisingly I won both. It’s very difficult trying to get good scores when your tiles are either all vowels or all consonants, or worse, there is nothing to lay … Continue reading

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Thrashed good and proper

MOH and I have played three games of scrabble and I have been well and truly hammered. OK, it’s his birthday today, but I just could not compete with his putting down 7 letters, and having 5 or 6 vowels … Continue reading

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Gotta have a scrabble or two……….

Tonight we are off to play Scrabble with MSM, our first for several weeks following my surgery and hers the week after for a hernia. It is chucking it down with rain at the moment, but according to the radar … Continue reading

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Scrabble Evening

Without cheating, do you know how many Es there are in a Scrabble board game? Or Gs, Is or Os? We have had a lovely evening with MSM and played three games, the second of which was our joint best. … Continue reading

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Mr and Mrs

Hubby and I are not competitive, not even when we play dominoes or cribbage with MOH (who is………….. terribly). Even when we play Scrabble, it’s not a case of winning or losing, but trying to better our joint score. Our … Continue reading

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It’s not even a day yet!

Hubby and I are Soul Mates. We were destined to meet , and since finally getting together over a quarter of a century ago, we are rarely apart. He jokes that if he’d been jailed for murder, he’d be getting … Continue reading

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