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High School Questions

Tagging along on Melanie’s post here with a nod to Willow over at teleportingweena Think about your SENIOR year in High School. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be! I was at grammar school (1967 … Continue reading

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Walk thoughts: 3rd June

It’s only 4.45 pm and I’ve taken Maggie round the Avenue FOUR times today. Each time she has done the business, so I guess all is well and the heat isn’t getting to her quite so badly now. We had … Continue reading

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The Wrong Shoes

When I was at junior school, although we had a uniform, shoes were practical and comfortable, with black plimsolls (or daps) for games. We could wear lace ups, buckles, or slip ons, and at one stage I wore a bright … Continue reading

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Rings on her fingers

I did a post last year which included a little bit about nails (I apologise in advance for the horror images at the end of it). Today as I look at my hands and think my nails need trimming again, … Continue reading

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School memories

Today is Shakespeare’s birthday. It is also St George’s Day.

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Friday walk thoughts

It was a positively glorious morning first thing! So much so that I (almost) leapt out of bed, got washed and dressed, then took the dog out for an hour before breakfast. The pontoon was a white carpet of frost … Continue reading

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Little People

Taking advantage of a brief dry spell, I took Maggie for a walk round the Avenue just before lunch. I passed the school and it was playtime. What a din. As we walked by, my tinnitus was assaulted by high-pitched … Continue reading

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A Rose by any other name………

Courtesy of WIKI: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet But what is in a name? And how many flowers/plants are used … Continue reading

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Never go Back

They say that you can never go back.It’s nice to remember things, places and people how they were rather than become disillusioned when you see how they are, or what they have become.I guess people change the most. Is what … Continue reading

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White Christmas

According to the experts, if just one snowflake falls in London on Christmas Day, it qualifies as being a White Christmas. Seems a bit of a con doesn’t it, just one. I mean, by the time people have registered that … Continue reading

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