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Shifting Sand

A couple of years ago the council paid a small fortune in having the beach re-sanded by a Dutch company which was actually fascinating to watch. You can read about it here and there are loads of photos https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2018/05/09/moving-sand/ A … Continue reading

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Forces of Nature

All my posts today have been prompts, so here is an original and update on recent events. The good news is that following rain in the night, most of the snow has gone and temperatures are now a sensible 4ยบ … Continue reading

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There are some huge dunes on the beach at the moment where they have been clearing the sand away from the promenade breakwater walls. The 31st heralds a Blue Moon, as it will be the second full moon in January. … Continue reading

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Beach Walkers

We were walking the dog a little later than usual yesterday (17th October) so the tide was the furthest out that I’d seen it. It was pretty blowy, so we were glad of our hats, though Maggie didn’t care, she … Continue reading

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All Dressed Up

It’s been a long time since Hubby and I donned the posh cloths and tarted ourselves up.So long in fact that he can finally admit he has lost weight as his best trousers are at least 6 inches too big … Continue reading

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