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Confronting the Sales Crowd

OK, we were mad to even think about it, but decided to see if we could get some bargains in the post-Christmas sales. We were actually after some new lights for the Christmas tree as we have more ‘out’ than … Continue reading

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Ding Dong, he got that wrong!

We were out this morning doing boring things like shopping whilst the house was being fogged. We wanted to be back by the early afternoon knowing Maggie’s Capstar tablets were due to be delivered and also to have our main … Continue reading

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Ghost Towns

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and apart from cooking for three, we didn’t really notice it to be honest. It has been so quiet! Traffic on the motorway going down to MOH on Christmas Eve was pretty sparse on our … Continue reading

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Hubby’s present (past and future)

What do you get someone for a ‘Special Birthday’ (don’t tell Hubby I said that, as he wants to ignore the event and treat it as a normal day). Don’t get me wrong, he’s happy with a packet of peanuts … Continue reading

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After the break is over

We looked up the traffic reports and read that over 14 million cars were going to be on the road on Christmas Eve. There may well have been, but we didn’t see that many actually and so made excellent time … Continue reading

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Today it’s chips with everything

I knew there was an unforseen reason for Hubby coming with me Down South on Tuesday. If I had gone on my own in my car, the chances are it would have fallen off when I was on the motorway … Continue reading

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You can always tell one

Years ago, I had a knack of ‘spotting the Estate Agent’ (our American friends call them Realtors) . It was a game I used to play as part of my People Watching past time. BBC image from google The men … Continue reading

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At your service

I’m no good at Sales. I proved this as both a Tupperware agent and Party Plan jewellery rep, though my hostesses liked to have me in their homes as I always helped with the washing up. I would hate to … Continue reading

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‘Don’t fight it, splat through it,’ Hubby said on our walk this morning. We had just emerged from the Bunny Route and turned left to go down towards Humphrey’s Stump. Where trees had fallen and the centres cut out by … Continue reading

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Ali Baba meets the Mother in Law.

One Saturday morning we invited Hubby’s Mum and Dad to join us at a car boot sale. Neither had been to one before, but Dad had heard a lot about them and was keen to see why they were so … Continue reading

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