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Planning my blogging day

Lots of us post several items a day and I wonder if we just get on with it or plan ahead. For me, it depends on what time of the day I access my site, the mood I’m in, and … Continue reading

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Little Madam, Little Minx

There are times when Maggie exasperates me beyond belief, and other times when she is so endearing, my chest hurts. Last night, we took her down to the marina for her final wee just after 9.15. She would not oblige, … Continue reading

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One Year Comparison

It’s hard to believe that we have been on the boat for a year. That’s 52 weeks, 364 days to the day (Tuesday) or 365 to the date tomorrow (29th July). I still remember that first day, waiting for Hubby … Continue reading

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Back to Normal

One thing about taking your home on holiday with you is there’s no packing or unpacking to do. I confess to getting lazy about cooking dinner, but quite honestly, it was so hot we didn’t want anything more than a … Continue reading

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Pitter Patter, rain don’t matter

Pitter patter, rain on steel, Irregular pattern, reflects how I feel. Heavy and stormy, or gentle and slow, Rocking the boat, to and fro: Look out the window, no sun in the sky, Just thick black clouds passing us by. … Continue reading

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Creatures of Habit

Are you a creature of habit? Would you consider Habit and Routine to be one and the same? Hubby and I both agree that the day doesn’t start until we’ve had that all important first cuppa.

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A week in my childhood

Mum’s wash day always used to be Monday, when she would get her machine out, attach the mangle to the top and line it up with the kitchen sink. I remember that washing machine. It was cream in colour, square, … Continue reading

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Tired Doggy

Our girl is shattered. She is curled up alongside me with her nose buried in Grandad’s lap, toes tucked under her chin, giving it ZZZZzzzzzs. Yesterday, we travelled a fair distance and due to the day’s activities, she didn’t get … Continue reading

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Faster than the speed of light.

Well, pretty close. We did it in a fortnight so as things have turned out, if our buyers had been upfront with their own move, they could have been in by now. All utility companies advised. Redirection of mail sorted. … Continue reading

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Breaking the Habit

Old habits are hard to break aren’t they. Whether it’s because we’re eating the wrong food or hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting out of the habit is difficult. Or is it?

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