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Blooming lovely

No words, just pictures taken at 8.15 this morning  

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Roses are blooming……… again!

After last year’s confused showing, our rose bushes are going great guns. We have had two showings off all three, and our Peace rose is in bloom with a third. The first flowers were tinged with pink I took these … Continue reading

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I missed this

Walking the dog this morning, I noticed this and don’t know how I missed it before. Reaching into my pocket though, I discovered I didn’t have my phone! I remembered to take it this afternoon and took this picture: Once … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

I posted some pictures earlier of our red rose bud which I’d taken yesterday. I have just taken some more and the smell has lingered on my fingers where I held it! This is the bud, honest, not the first … Continue reading

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More roses………. and dinner

Our red In Loving Memory is glorious, and a second bud is coming out. This is the original bloom on June 14th. I took this picture of it yesterday That’s my hand on the left so you can get an … Continue reading

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Someone else’s flowers

I’ve said before that I pass a lot of beautiful roses in other people’s gardens. Some of the pictures I’ve taken with my phone haven’t come out, but I was lucky today. Some of these blooms are huge, and they … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow?

Calling all gardeners………………. does anyone know what this is please? We didn’t have it in the patch last year, and I can’t find it in my book. Our neighbour took an picture and she can’t find it either.  Hollyhock is … Continue reading

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The Rose is blooming

Finally our In Loving Memory rose is beginning to bloom. I took these shots with my phone about ten minutes ago. When it’s fully out, I’ll use the Nikon as it will show it in its full glory.

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Only a rose

Roses are amongst my favourite flowers, so I am glad we have three bushes here. The red In Loving Memory has three buds on it, one of which is finally starting to show some interest in making an appearance. This … Continue reading

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Roses are blooming and Maggie is ‘on guard’

Have just taken these of the Ancient Mariner with my phone Top: both roses on the bush Bottom:  left the small bud, right the main rose, and you can just make out another bud And also these of Maggie guarding … Continue reading

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