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Just for you this Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve hidden the boxes of chocolates from you. To help with your diet, at least for a day, We’ll eat them tomorrow, whadaya say? We may be slower and no longer young But remember … Continue reading

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Old Favourites

Everyone has them, be it a pair of faded jeans, sweat shirt, toy, photograph, film or book. Giving a lot of our books to charity wasn’t as difficult as I thought, as I had read many of them several times … Continue reading

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Meeting The Mistress

The couple practically skipped down the pier carrying grocery bags containing basic supplies for their romantic weekend. Once aboard, they threw themselves into a passionate embrace, stripping each other of their outer clothes before disappearing into the cabin. Giggles and … Continue reading

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Honey not so over the Moon

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my first marriage ended in divorce. Just one of those things, but a mistake on both parts. Reading something today triggered a memory from that relationship which may or may not amuse, and may … Continue reading

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My Honey Valentine

Hubby is not what I would call Romantic, but he has his moments and I wouldn’t have him any different. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I am sure there are plenty of girlfriends hoping their Man will ‘pop the question’ or … Continue reading

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A Flower for Love

When I was working as an office temp on a year’s contract, there was a young male member of staff who was ‘blessed’ with all the things girls desire, that is if you like tall, blond, blue eyed and not-bad-looking … Continue reading

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