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Good Morning Sunday

Sunday morning, Half past one, Restless and hot, Sleep won’t come. Tossing and turning, My mind wide awake, It’s gone three o’clock, Let me sleep for god’s sake! I could read for a bit, But that wouldn’t be right, Curling up … Continue reading

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Blowy Night

It’s been a shit week to be honest. So much so, that my sleep pattern is shot to hell and this blowy weather doesn’t help. Maggie is restless, stirring at every flutter, ping, creak or groan the boat produces, and … Continue reading

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Eating a dream

or perhaps I should say Dream Eating. We’ve all heard Tommy Cooper’s joke about the guy who dreamt he ate a ten pound marshmallow and when he woke up, his pillow was missing. Well, my dream was a little bit … Continue reading

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Something in the air

Have you ever been out walking in the evening and had a sense that something wasn’t quite right? Maggie is a creature of habit, and as such has her final wee sometime between 9.30 and 10pm. If it’s a pleasant … Continue reading

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Doggie come home

I didn’t cry at any of the Lassie films, though I did at Old Yeller, The Yearling and I confess ET. Also there are parts in The Colour Purple and The Elephant Man that bring a moistness to my eyes, … Continue reading

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Couldn’t sleep

It rained last night. ALL night, and I was anxious about the dog as she got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She did this when the fireworks were going off, being restless and agitated, which made Hubby … Continue reading

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