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And while we’re on the subject………..

Of dogs that is: I wrote this two years ago https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/a-topic-close-to-my-heart/ I am pleased to add this update which I should have done at the time: The lady in question went back to the shelter for Teddy. She was living … Continue reading

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A Dog for Christmas revisited

One of the headlines in the newspages today is about illegal Puppy Farms getting their stock in for Christmas. In my opinion, they should all be shut down and anyone remotely suspicious this is going on should report it. The … Continue reading

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Dreams, Weddings and Boyfriends.

It is said that we all dream as we sleep, but it is not always remembered. Stress made me dream of toilets and obstacles put in my way of convenience relief. Reminiscence sees me dream of relationships past, though those … Continue reading

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Letter to LJ

Today is Pancake Day, your favourite dessert.  It is also your fortieth birthday. I sent cards for your 30th, 21st and 18th, but could not send one for this landmark in your life as your grandmother has passed, and hers … Continue reading

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Beauty and The Beast

As I look at our dog curled up in her basket gently snoring the day away, she looks completely at peace with the world. She’s had 2 walks today, but if the weather continues to take a turn for the … Continue reading

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