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One day off, and we start again

Yesterday we deliberately did NOT look at property. Both of us being shattered, the last thing we wanted was to get boggle eyed again looking at details of properties we had probably already discounted. So what did we do instead? … Continue reading

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Picking up the pieces

I have always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and since coming here, there is always one if not two on the go. MSM then wraps and secures them in cellophane for charity so that buyers can see how big the end … Continue reading

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Sound in Silence

Lying prone with eyes closed, Enjoying the peace, I quietly doze. Gentle sounds whisper into my head So as sleep evades me, I listen instead. A flutter of movement as a leaf softly fell From high above or beside me, … Continue reading

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” Chase Me”.

It’s an absolutely glorious day here on the marina, as I sit in the bow with my feet up listening to the sounds of the birds, the thrumming of a distant motor, and the thumping pulse in my head due … Continue reading

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Puzzling things over

Our host is a fan of jigsaws. There are currently three on boards in various stages of completion throughout the property and we have been encouraged to add a piece here and there, if not finish them. When completed, they … Continue reading

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It’s a different world

Years ago, if anyone mentioned they owned a boat, stuck up yachtie types with their stripey tee shirts, shorts and deck shoes drinking G and Ts with a superior group of friends came to mind. This opinion stems from people … Continue reading

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Taking time out

As we continue to wait for responses to our enquiries (chased this morning) , our friend has been encouraging us to take some time out to relax and chill. Today, after walking the dogs first thing in the quarry, we … Continue reading

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