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Have I told you

Everyone has been feeling the stress and strain of current events, and sometimes we forget to say the little things that mean the most. I have a charm on my necklace that Hubby gave me for our wedding anniversary many … Continue reading

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Haiku: 10th March

Funny what runs through your mind as you begin to drop off to sleep or awaken from snoozing slumbers. Listening to the bikes on the beach in the distance and the current cold weather reminded me of the days when … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 1989

We were broke. I mean, really and truly strapped for cash. We’d done all of our Christmas shopping at car boot sales, managing to get something for everyone and just hoped no-one minded their gift wasn’t new or expensive. Actually, … Continue reading

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Poetic thought

Concerned, you ask if I’m OK, ‘I’m fine’ is the standard reply, I smile and you slowly walk away, My heart is heavy, though my eyes are dry. Normally things don’t get the better of me, I take it all … Continue reading

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The Olive Branch

Seen as a symbol of peace, it’s common place to offer an imaginary olive branch to diminish conflict or build bridges over differences or estrangement. In some instances, this only needs to done once, in others it takes two, three … Continue reading

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Sucked in by Pastures New

October 1981. Freshly divorced and with a new man in my life (not the reason for my failed marriage), I moved from the parental county to pastures new. Single parents aren’t just women whose partners have left them. It happens … Continue reading

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Taking for granted

Since our time together, I have tried not to take Hubby for granted, and most of the time, I think I’ve succeeded. We have a brilliant relationship, knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, though I tend to be more of … Continue reading

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I’ve found myself thinking about past relationships, though not necessarily wondering how things would have turned out had we not parted company. In my teens, I went out with a variety of guys, including a Hells Angel,  an ex junkie … Continue reading

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Hello! How are You?

Such an innocuous greeting, one we usually respond to with ‘I’m fine thanks’. It’s automatic I suppose, but are we really? We hadn’t been in the bungalow very long when I had a phone call from a friend I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Mother and Son

I believe in love. I honestly do. A world without love would be such a sad and lonely place, and the thought of not knowing love, not to love or be loved fills me with great sorrow. I have no … Continue reading

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