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The Two Sides of Jenny Penny.

I’d known Jenny since High School. Always popular, she exuded personality, was everyone’s friend and would do anything for anybody. She was also a practical joker, and took it in good spirits when she was on the receiving end. Life … Continue reading

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Be Mine for always, not just my Valentine

I was once asked what my reaction would be if Hubby gave me flowers for no apparent reason. Would I be worried? Would I be shocked? Would I accuse him of a guilty conscience? I stunned the person asking the … Continue reading

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Memories of a Dad.

I remember in years gone by I’d sit on your lap as my tears you’d dry, Cocooned in the safety of your embrace, Your smile that divided your entire face. Your eyes like beacons, alive and bright, You’d hold me … Continue reading

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The Helping Hand

‘Let me help you with that,’ he said as she struggled to open the door carrying umpteen packages. With a grateful smile, she thanked him, even more so as he took the heaviest bags from her and with ease carried … Continue reading

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