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Lunch today, 20th December

What to do with four rashers of bacon and little else. Hm. I had some white rolls, but bacon butties for a main meal didn’t seem very filling. No mushrooms left, and I didn’t fancy beans, tatty cake, or fried … Continue reading

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I have been asked for my McCheese recipe. The dish at the top is 9″ x  7″ and sufficient for two portions. The one at the bottom is a single serving for Hubby when I have a tomato pasta instead. … Continue reading

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Do not dessert me……………

This week it’s the turn, or should I say re-turn, of the sweet tooth. Most times, I am happy enough to forego a dessert, picking up grapes or having yoghurt, but there are times when a sticky toffee pudding calls, … Continue reading

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No meat day

Our diet is pretty basic, but I aim for at least two meals a week without meat, though one of those is likely to be fish. In the winter, we have our three day stew, which is all veg and … Continue reading

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Say Cheese!

I love cheesecake, though have never made one from scratch. The cafe we go to for Hubby’s gluten-free carrot cake (which is to die for) also do the most delicious homemade cheesecakes EVER so I thought I’d have a go … Continue reading

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Just Desserts

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so obviously the perils of diets is the temptation for all things naughty in the pudding department. Looking through my posts from two years ago, I didn’t miss out, so I’m planning on doing … Continue reading

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Tomato Pasta, the home grown variety

I haven’t made a tomato pasta since we came off the boat, and with the amount of tomatoes we have now, I needed to do something! Hubby can’t eat them, though when I skinned some for a spag bol a … Continue reading

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Food Post

Yesterday’s chicken curry dinner was one of my best, and almost syn free. My additional ingredients to the chicken breasts to serve the two of us were: a red pepper I’d forgotten, a large onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 1oz … Continue reading

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