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Nothing for a Pear in this game

My first thought this morning on awakening was pears. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but if food is going to be on my mind all the time, then I guess fruit is better than sticky … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour

Bearing in mind what I cook and how I cook it, it would appear that my sauces are pretty good for the SW meals. I use fresh vegetables and a stock cube for most which are all on the ‘Free’ … Continue reading

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I’m sick of Salads!

To most, diet is a five letter word, SALAD. I have had a salad once, if not twice, every day for the past ten days, way before I went to my first SW meeting, mainly because it’s been so damn … Continue reading

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Free Speed recipe

Ingredients: 1/2 sliced red pepper 1/2 sliced green pepper 1/2 sliced orange pepper 1/2 sliced yellow pepper 1 sliced large onion 6 medium sized sliced chestnut mushrooms 2 gloves garlic 1 stock cube 4 slices lean ham cut into strips … Continue reading

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Test Drive

There are manuals, there are CDs, there are downloads, but I have never purchased a product which has 4 booklets each containing instructions in 7 different languages. The diagrams and parts reference drawings are all the same though! Last night, we … Continue reading

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U, V and W ……………

These three were toughies, but like the R, S and T post, I can group them together. U is for United. Hubby and I have been united in our efforts to not have the bad stuff and to deter us … Continue reading

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Be my Bunnie-Pie

My first taste of rabbit was in my childhood, and I wasn’t keen. Mum had tried to pass it off as chicken but Dad let the cat out of the bag so-to-speak by commenting on how tasty it was. My … Continue reading

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