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Good Day, Bad Day: a reblog for Flashback Friday

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Hubby and I are no strangers to DIY. We’ll get stuck in and do the job, and a good one at that. The good thing about DIY in a house is you can leave everything behind…

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Tale Weaver No 106 9/2/17 – Touch: a reblog for TW In The Dark

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Thank you Michael for this week’s prompt: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/1331787499 Image: Loving Hands Table Sculpture A Touch of Magic He could feel the heat before she actually touched him. On contact, she sought out the source with sensory…

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Fruit Salad: a reblog from 7 years ago

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Looks lovely, doesn’t it. All that’s missing is either the double or single cream, ice cream or fromage frais, or if you’re feeling really good, nothing else at all and just tuck in. Now imagine washing…

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The Car Park Ballet: a reblog for FOWC 11th September

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A few years ago, I was sitting in the car waiting for Hubby to return from taking his mother to the bank. I witnessed the most beautiful car parking ballet which coincided with The Blue Danube…

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Love Story: a reblog for Flashback Friday

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I’d like to tell you this short story of unrequited love. Maggie’s family had adopted her when she was very young, and although she had been disciplined in the early days, it had been well worth…

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Tale Weaver – #291 – Flag – 3rd September: a reblog for Flashback Friday

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Michael’s challenge:  This week consider the word FLAG. You can use it as a noun as in: “We all stood proudly beneath the flag a symbol of our belonging.” As a verb: “His behaviour flagged him…

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Soul Mates: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Is your partner your Soul Mate? I know mine is. We were destined to meet as he used to go to the same places as me but on different nights, and when he was stationed abroad,…

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The Bleeding End: a reblog for Flashback Friday 20th August

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Hubby and I thought (stupidly) it would be nice to do the Stratford run again, hence our blogging absence for the last week. We stopped after two locks at a free mooring where it was so…

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Caturday funnies — Barkalounger edition

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness:
Just had to share these wonderful images. I’d borrowed this one from Joelle at Floridaborne way back in February 2018 and thought I’d add it to the collection. bluebird of bitterness View original post

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Foo-bored: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
No, this is not a type error or case of dyslexia. This is about FOOD BOREDOM  I suppose school dinners could be blamed for some of it. I mean we had mash, boiled and roast potatoes…

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