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Something in the air

This was a hit in 1969 for Thunderclap Newman, a 45 I played and played and played which probably drove the neighbours nuts! However, this post is not about music. It would appear that not only Hubby is having digestive … Continue reading

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To Open or Not to Open?

I sent a couple of letters out earlier this week to Sis and Other Brother to put them in the picture as to Humphrey and his demise. I’d delayed in letting them know until we knew what we were up … Continue reading

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Water shortage, but not due to drought

Hubby went up to do the washing bright and early yesterday morning (like 6am), loaded the machine,  put his money in, and……………… nothing happened. Apart from the chuntering of machinery, there was no familiar gurgle in the pipes or whooshing sound … Continue reading

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A feeling of self worth

I had two interesting posts in my reader this morning, both of which reflected on us as individuals, how others see us, and what the outcome may be on our mental health. Some years ago, I wrote a piece entitled … Continue reading

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