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Reaction to Pain Meds

I had an appointment to see my GP on Sept 9th to discuss pain medication for my arthritis and she prescribed Nefopam Hydrochloride. It wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I felt the need to take some, the … Continue reading

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Rumbling low in the distance, Feeling the change in air pressure, She’s alert, trembling, afraid. Up on all fours, pushing, nudging for safety. Winds howling in protest, rain lashing down, Lightning illuminates the bow, But the rolls of thunder scare … Continue reading


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What do they know?

It has been an absolutely glorious day. The sun has been out, there has been no wind, and it’s been like an early summer’s day. Way too nice to stay indoors, so we decided to walk down to the Abbey, … Continue reading

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Getting in a bit of a lather

Anyone remember Camay soap? The one with the creamy lather, rich perfume, and a lot of brides in their marketing strategy? In my childhood, there was also Pears (my favourite), Fairy, Knight’s Castile, Palmolive, Lux and Imperial Leather each having … Continue reading

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A Blood Test Cometh (Haiku)

Palms sweat, stomach churns, ‘This won’t hurt, sit back, relax Just one little prick’. Words to soothe no doubt, Veins hide, refuse to surface One jab, two, then three. The room spins, head swims Darkness overcomes my mind I’m drifting, … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Shadow (Red Letter Day 2)

She found the letter purely by accident. Having read and re-read it, she was convinced the subject was her husband. What to do? Should she show him? Should she say something? How would he react?

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Can I eat it Daddy?

Like most pet owners, we are Mummy and Daddy to our mutt. Not quite to the extreme of her ‘buying’ us gifts for birthdays etc, though we always get her something for Christmas. We have always encouraged her curiosity and … Continue reading

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Things that go bump in the night

One thing about having a dog is that they ‘alarm up’ if something is out of kilter. Maggie is pretty good, she will bark during the day, but if she hears something out of the ordinary at night, she is … Continue reading

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