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Weekend Sky #93

Hammad Rais is our host for the Weekend Sky photo share.  You can join in here It has been a mixed bag of weather today, but coming back from town, we have seen no fewer than four rainbows. The sky … Continue reading

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Weekend Sky #60

Hammad Rais is our host for the weekend sky. I haven’t taken many photos lately other than those of the dog, so I’ve dug into my archives. I’ve always loved rainbows, but had never seen so many as since we … Continue reading

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Dirty Skies

My Mum had some lovely sayings, from calling my Dad a clown when he’d done something a bit daft to watching ‘the doughnut machine’ making the bales of hay in the fields opposite the cottage when she came up to … Continue reading

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And the dark clouds present……………….

We’ve had a fair amount of thunder today and the much needed rainfall has filled our three water butts  a treat. Watching the clouds rolling across the sky and out to sea has been very relaxing in its way, and … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Rainbow

Rainbows are quite common here as regular readers will know. Usually the arc spans the road opposite, and if we’re lucky, we get doubles. They are always a source of magic, wonder and pleasure for me. Rainbow July 2018. Barely … Continue reading

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Double Whammy October 1st

Everyone knows how much I love rainbows, and we get more than our fair share of doubles here. They don’t last very long though, but this afternoon I was lucky to get a few pictures of this one before it … Continue reading

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Now you see it, now you don’t

Well, it was forecast for this evening, and for once they got it right. The skies came over really dark, thunder rumbled in the distance and lightning lit up the sky. We watched the dark clouds go round us just … Continue reading

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Rainbows: spread a smile

Rainbows are appearing in windows all over the UK and we have noticed a few turning up here. I looked it up and this is why just in case you weren’t aware of the reasons behind it https://www.you.co.uk/rainbows-in-windows/ Regular readers … Continue reading

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Rainbow in my pocket

It’s been a stormy day. The skies have opened twice with torrential downpours, but for the most part it has been continuous showers or drizzle with one sunny spell which lasted about half an hour. Maggie has not been very … Continue reading

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Seeing double

We have been here two years now and we have never seen so many double rainbows anywhere. Rainbows have always held a certain magic for me and not because I want to go off searching for that elusive crock of … Continue reading

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