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It’s here………… the rain that is

Apart from a couple of little dribbles earlier, the forecast rain has stayed away. That was until about forty minutes ago when the skies just opened and rain was driving sideways across our frontage. t was so dense, I could … Continue reading

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The condoms are out!

It is an absolutely FILTHY day, and of course Maggie wanted to go out. No sir, she would not pee on the front lawn, she wanted her morning walk on the beach. This photo was taken on ‘White Sands’ and … Continue reading

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Diamonds on Glass

How they cluster, This dazzling array Of simplicity and transparency: Tiny rainbows trapped by the sun, Slipping southward Joining forces with those similar Yet unique in their oneness. Droplets on silken thread, Poised forever As they glimmer and shine, Magnifying … Continue reading

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Soggy Doggy

I don’t mind the rain these days, unless it prevents us from taking her ladyship out for a wee then it becomes a bit of a game. Last night, it was just gentle showers until Hubby went up to the … Continue reading

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Weather won

Out and under a sunny sky, Across the road, the dog and I, Off to do her morning bizz, We don’t notice that bit of drizz. Walking round, we start to get wet, Nothing on the forecast, yet The rain … Continue reading

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10 Reasons for getting a dog

There are many reasons for getting a dog. Here are some of mine: Company. Warmth at night. Exercise is cheaper than joining a gym. Security. Protection. Unconditional love. Something to care for. Weather guide. Conversation opener. Stress reliever. You’re probably … Continue reading

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Rain? What Rain?

Hubby checked the radar and weather site at 6 am this morning, and confirmed there was no rain anywhere on the map, or a time frame when to expect some. However, our own foolproof method suggested otherwise, as not only … Continue reading

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Observations on a Rainy Night

Rain has been falling most of the night, no longer a worry for me, and so I have slept. That was until about an hour ago when Maggie became restless, and despite my efforts to comfort her in the hope … Continue reading

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Weather Haiku

It’s raining again Droplets splash on the surface No sunshine today

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Weather or not…………..

According to the met office, we are due to have showers all day today. According to the local forecast, we are due to have sunny spells and cloudy skies. Put the two together and you’ve got sunshine intermixed with rain, … Continue reading

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