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RadioTopic: Zero Tolerance

The subject today is speeding on our roads, and the wish to introduce zero tolerance, so that even if you only go one mile above the limit, you will be fined. I saw a sign similar to this in NZ, … Continue reading

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No news is good news

I have just got up and Hubby has kindly left the radio on thru his computer whilst he took the dog out. (We had to take the DAB aerial down when we did our secondary glazing and as we were … Continue reading

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A Song for Christmas

No, this is nothing to do with Eurovision or Nil points. Just a bit of fun testing your memory and if necessary, inventiveness! Tired of Charades?

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Music for the Night

I don’t know about you, but these days most of the music on the radio sucks. Either that, or I’m getting old. Scratch that, I am old. Ho hum. Like so many working people years ago, I’d wake up to … Continue reading

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