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Poor Bunny

One of our boating friends mentioned he’d seen a young rabbit in the car park this morning that had made no attempt to run away from his dogs, and in fact looked blind. We knew what that meant: myxomatosis has … Continue reading

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Marina Wildlife Update

Since rescuing the duckling the other evening, we have been watching the marina waterfowl and other wildlife. Compared to what we’d seen whilst out on the river, not many young have survived in either of the marina basins. Mrs Boating … Continue reading

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Pinch, punch

First day of the month, and thus we say goodbye to January. First thing Hubby and I say to each other on the first of a new month is ‘White Bunnies’. I always thought that by saying that, nobody would … Continue reading

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It saddens me

I love nature, but I hate the cruelty of it. Even more, I hate the interference of Man in upsetting the balance, from the felling of trees and destroying habitats to the introduction of some manufactured disease. I saw a … Continue reading

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Not Today

Unsuspecting, they come out to play, I stalk them silently, yet they run away, I could chase if I wanted, but not today. Gently nibbling the grass at their feet, Noses twitching, enjoying the heat Of an autumn evening, Summer … Continue reading

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Sharing their world

Hubby and I have been awake since 3am, finally giving up trying to go back to sleep at 4 and getting up. We knew it was going to be a long day as our furniture was being taken into storage … Continue reading

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Missing Yew

Well, maybe not yew trees, but definitely pines and silver birch. Hubby is home safe and sound from his travels, but found nothing to suit. Today we did a few drive-bys of properties, covering a total distance of some 176 … Continue reading

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