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Oh boy, I’m so tired. Seven viewings today, plus three cancellations due to accepted offers. On a scale of one to ten, we have one that scored off the charts (backwards), one that was a mobile home with a brick … Continue reading

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All Change

Hubby and I have spent the majority of the day (bar walking the dog and preparing meals) checking out the internet for more properties. We have discovered that the ones we had eliminated are surprisingly still available, as is the … Continue reading

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Off on our travels again.

Tomorrow will see us setting off early to view a property some 110 miles away. We found it purely by chance looking up something else. Both of us homed in on the details independently, and sent off for further info … Continue reading

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Happiness would be House shaped!

It’s another hot and stuffy day, the pair of us getting fed up and cheesed off by the hour. After yesterday’s journey, we slept for around 6 hours. Showers this morning to wake up our tired bones, then after walking … Continue reading

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