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Bathroom Project Day 11

We have two tiled walls now and although not yet grouted, they are looking good. The shower fitment is secured against the wall and we have no leaks. The bracket will also be refitted and for that it means more … Continue reading

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Bathroom Project Day 10

Tiling was on the agenda today, but we hit a small snag in that we thought we might not have enough tiles as none of what would be cut offs could be used elsewhere. We phoned the store and after … Continue reading

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Bathroom Project Day 9

Hurrah! The tray is in position and sealed against the wall! Basically that was all we could do today as we have to allow 24 hours for it to ‘go off’. Now you are probably wondering what ‘it’ is. Well, … Continue reading

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Bathroom Project Day 8

Although a week has passed with no work done, we have done pretty well today. The shower tray was fitted with the risers and clips for the plinth boards and the pipework juggled with for the plumbing. Just a small … Continue reading

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Bathroom Project : recap

This was how we looked a fortnight ago before we started. Day 1 saw us get the bath out and putting down new floorboards. Day 2 started off with a tip run and getting rid of the bath (a neighbour … Continue reading

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Installation stalled

We are having a weekend off from installing the new shower. The floor has been laid and is as even as it’s going to get, but everything else is on hold. We unpacked the shower tray but did not remove … Continue reading

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Bathroom Project: Day 6

The floor has been our nemesis and Hubby has had no choice but to take up what he had done and start again. Our delivery was due between 6.30 and 7.30 this evening so we had some time to run … Continue reading

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Hubby finally has his Shed

Thursday 4th November The weather was not being kind, but at least the wind had dropped, so shortly after breakfast, we donned our yellow outfits and got outside to set to work. Tweaking the slabs wasn’t as bad as we … Continue reading

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CB or not CB, that is the question

When Hubby mentioned getting a new CB set, I was all for it. Everything was duly ordered, and arrived in good time. Since then, it has been a learning curve due to my naivety. My only dealings with CB was … Continue reading

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The day so far

He’s concentrating……………. the brow is furrowed, the pen is dangling from the corner of the mouth and his eye brows are almost touching behind his glasses. But I’ll come back to that. Into town some 17 miles away first thing … Continue reading


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