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Gmail problems

Hi guys, Is anyone else having a problem with Gmail? I have been trying to respond to emails in Canada and they’ve bounced back at me. This fault is consistent whether or not I am using yahoo or gmail to … Continue reading

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They say what goes around comes around, and I suppose to some extent that’s true. I mean, I played a prank on my brother by putting his ‘pintas required today ‘clock to 5  and some years later when I was … Continue reading

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Everything is going pear shaped. No internet access on the marina yesterday, so here we are in McD having coffee. Hubby can connect to their WIFI but I can’t, so I’m on his machine whilst he tinkers with mine. The … Continue reading

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Cold vs Flu, Battle of the viruses

Last night was spent disconnected to the internet and sorting out my computer. You know what it’s like when someone else uses your equipment and something ‘new’ appears? You assume it’s something to do with what they were doing and … Continue reading


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Blowy Night

It’s been a shit week to be honest. So much so, that my sleep pattern is shot to hell and this blowy weather doesn’t help. Maggie is restless, stirring at every flutter, ping, creak or groan the boat produces, and … Continue reading

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Part One, day 2 boat project

Just a short post today as we are both knackered. It has been a long day, we’ve worked well together, and have a good end result. One of our resident friends took pity on us yesterday (we were in such … Continue reading

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I’ve said before that people in the boating world are different to those we have met in other areas where we’ve lived. Regular boat owners have come to the Marina over the colder months to check on and take out … Continue reading

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Walk to refresh

I have always found walking a good way to collect my thoughts and get things into perspective.  Maggie certainly has no objections to accompany me. Whether it’s the steady pace of my footsteps or the peace and tranquility of my … Continue reading

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I was in a supermarket the other day and within an inch of dumping my basket of four items and walking out as I tried in vain to get past those just browsing, trolleys blocking the aisle, friends having a … Continue reading

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Then and Now…….?

How times (and childhoods) have changed. When I was a child, outside influences intrigued us, our curiosity was encouraged and we asked endless questions more or less as soon as we discovered our vocal chords.

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