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Writing away your worries

I read an interesting article in MOH’s local paper this weekend about writing down your worries to help eleviate your stress levels. I suppose in a way it’s a DIY “a problem shared is a problem halved” sort of thing, … Continue reading

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Problem or challenge?

My¬†former Boss said we never had Problems, just Challenges. That was OK in the office I suppose, but sometimes Challenges cannot be overcome, and in turn become Issues. Now they can be a problem! Hubby and I were talking about … Continue reading

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First frost

Oh boy. When we took Maggie out for her final wee around 10pm last night, it was cold. And I mean……….. C O L D! The boards on the pontoons were crunchy, and we had to be careful going round … Continue reading

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Improvise Adapt Overcome. We had a little problem with our central heating panel. Nothing major, just that if we touched the wall in a certain way, we put the heating on and didn’t realise it. The previous owner, designer or … Continue reading

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