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Security coded or under lock and key?

Is this really a sign of the times? Not that long ago, every time we purchased bananas in one particular supermarket, a member of staff had to approve it before we could continue. Why? Because thieves were selecting joints of … Continue reading

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Upping the up

You’re probably getting fed up with these sorts of posts, but I bet not half as fed up as I am with rising prices every time I shop. Last week it was gingernuts, which incidentally are now back in stock … Continue reading

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Energy in your pocket: Just a thought

According to Ofgem, the UK average dual fuel bill is £1,131 a year, that’s £94.35 a month, which equates to nearly 4% of the average UK household budget. If you live alone or there’s only two of you in a … Continue reading

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The Days of Button B

I’m old enough to remember the old phone boxes with buttons A and B and a shelf for telephone directories. Calls were coppers (I think 4d, being thruppence and a penny), and if you pushed button B, sometimes you got … Continue reading

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