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Dear Diary: book keeping

We had our field trip to Skeg today, and I have a new bonnet. My last one ended up in the bin at the hospital as I must have dropped it outside fighting the car parking machine. By the time … Continue reading

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Aiming High

As of today, 14th December, I am just 3000 views away from achieving 100,000 in 2018, making it my best year ever. Time to think about something interesting or sensible to keep you guys reading! Tomorrow, we’re putting our tree … Continue reading

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A doggie post

I looked out of the window today and saw something that warmed my heart. We’ve been here a year and fit in because we’ve got a dog, so naturally we get talking to people and fussing their pets on a … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Baby

There is a lot of memorabilia for Baby’s First Christmas, Baby’s First Birthday etc, which is all very nice if you have a baby. My babies have all had four legs, and at Christmas, they have all had presents. Most … Continue reading

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If I were a Toy………….

If I were a toy, Would I be loved by a child? Treasured and cherished, Adored all the while? Shop shelves are full Of ranks of us here Identical in feature, What draws attention near? To be picked and escorted … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping

Today is Monday. The first day of the week. A normal day. Wash Day. Shopping Day. BUT WAIT………………………………………..

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One for the Kids for Christmas

  Christopher was all excited, Once he started, he couldn’t stop Bragging about what he would get, Until young Peter thought he’d pop. ‘I’m going to have an electric guitar, A Game Boy and computer too, Lots of toys and … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

It’s Hubby’s birthday today. Not telling you how old, but he’s older than he was yesterday. We have been so busy today, walking the dog together first thing, and that’s when our planned day stopped. We all got soaked, and … Continue reading

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The Day After

I’m not expecting sympathy. In case you’re wondering if we had a good day yesterday, the answer is a most emphatic YES! I excelled myself with dinner. So much so, that I won’t be cooking again until at least Sunday … Continue reading

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Post early…………….

I’ve wrapped my first pressies for The ‘C’ Word, and we’re still in November (the parcel to Down Under doesn’t count because I always send that early.) Truth be told we are planning a surprise visit South, so have got … Continue reading

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