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Never mind the quality, feel the pinch!

My mother in law was a stickler for designer labels. She had racks of clothes in her loft from M&S, still with the labels on, things she’d bought on a whim, got home, didn’t like, and wouldn’t take them back … Continue reading

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All the Eights

I realised something today as I was walking the dog. Our new car will be our eighth. Not eighth car, but eighth new car. I said yesterday that I like round numbers. For years in my early working life I … Continue reading

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A Matter of Taste

For those of you who thought the previous short post was my entry in the Sense series, SURPRISE! That was just a little taster (sorry, couldn’t resist) . Source: WIKI On average, the human tongue has 3,000–10,000 taste buds. These … Continue reading

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What’s your preference in bed?

Don’t panic. This isn’t X rated , but it got your attention didn’t it! Hubby started it. He asked me which glove I put on first, my left or my right. I had to think about it. I knew when … Continue reading

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