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Old ways

Five Hello cards will hit five mats in a couple of days. On the backs of 4 are a little smiley sticker and a warning ‘IT’S BRIGHT!’ These went to my aunt, who is my Dad’s sister and in her … Continue reading

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Cutting back…………. really?

In days gone by, although I didn’t make my cards, I sent out a fair few. Working in an office of about 75, I had dealings with practically everyone and there was a staff post box in the lobby where … Continue reading

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There’s no ‘E’ in mail.

Following on from my card post yesterday got me thinking about Mail. Hubby and I have a residential mooring here, which means we have the permanent address necessary for the boring Red Tape required for Taxation, Banking, and proof of … Continue reading

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Secret formula

Scoring points of likes and views, Commenting on don’ts and do’s Comparing stuff and things we use, What makes the perfect Post? Home and cooking tips on a Blog, Life in general, boat and dog, Nature’s beauty, the whole hog….. … Continue reading

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Saturday Walking Thought.

Post Boxes. Have you ever wondered about post boxes? On my walk round the Avenue this morning, I noticed a red post box up by the shops that seemed to have its own built in sun dial on the top. … Continue reading

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Mail Service

It wasn’t intentional, but a shortage in postage almost started a rift in the family bigger than the Grand Canyon.

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March Madness

In my pre-Hubby life, March was the busiest month in the calendar. Not only did it denote the official beginning of Spring, but from day 1 right through to the 31st, every couple of days it would be someone’s birthday … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day

It was sunny Saturday morning, The start of a good weekend, So we took a field trip to break routine. It rained in the afternoon, But it was a good day. It rained all Saturday night, But I slept well, … Continue reading

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