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Thank heavens it’s all over

There are a few subjects I try to avoid in my posts, and politics is one. I have an opinion of course, but that’s all it is, though there are some things that get my back up under the guise … Continue reading

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Situations Vacant

Here follows a personal viewpoint regarding recent events. There seems to be an awful lot of vacancies in our Houses of Parliament as MPs are resigning left, right and centre. Loads of pointing fingers, back stabbing and headless chickens running … Continue reading

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Goodbye EU

Can you beLeave it? Over 72% of the voting public turned out yesterday for the biggest decision in years. 51.9% voted to Leave, 48.1% wanted to stay. There is no doubt a lot of happy people this morning. I for … Continue reading

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For What It’s Worth

The media is full of our EU Referendum due to take place on June 23rd this year. I am hoping it will not be a case of an all-round-the-houses-until-we-get-the-answer-we-want (as is the norm) but a simple Yes or No vote … Continue reading

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I read the news to day………. Oh Joy!

Iain Duncan Smith has resigned . Funny how he featured in my post yesterday. I do not know this man personally, but imo he is the lowest form of human being with his past attitude and disrespect of the needy … Continue reading

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Lordy Lordy, Sanity finally takes a bow:

Well, waddayaknow……….. plans for the removal of┬átax credits next year have been delayed (link) And so they should be, until someone comes up with an alternative so that those in receipt of said tax credits are no worse off.

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Election Fever

Hubby and I went to vote this morning. It’s the first time since we moved, and what a difference in reception. In Lincolnshire, we had a long walk to our polling station…………… next door to the village hall. Not exactly … Continue reading


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What it means to me

As I said in my earlier post, it’s Budget Day today. In years gone by, I wasn’t exactly fanatical enough to take the day off and make notes like some people I knew, but I would take an interest and … Continue reading

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