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It’s a Sin

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
A devil, a temptress, a siren Calling to me, drawing me in: Your brothers and sisters an army Of delight invading my soul, Staring down from perches on high, Teasing in their torment of guilt and…

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A poem 24th April

I used to take for granted Sitting out in the midday sun, Sunbathing on the golden sands, As summer had just begun. I used to take for granted Going for a ride in the car, Just for something else to … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #312

Nekneeraj has chosen a photo by Astro Wizard on Pexels.com to inspire us this week. The path is familiar, though I tread it alone now. So many seasons ago we walked it together you and I, On sunny days we … Continue reading

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(a quiet) hurrah

Being a dog owner, My pocket’s full of bags, I used to carry biscuits too To treat the one who wags….. More int’rested in goodies Than watching her own two feet She often walked straight into things When walking down … Continue reading

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A poem

She looks at me imploringly, With eyes so big and sad, ‘Why can’t I have something off your plate? It’s not as if I’ve been bad.’ How do you explain to a four legged babe That the change is for … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt: Otherworldly #writephoto

Sue has chosen rather an engaging photo this week For visually challenged writers, the image shows an opening between boulders, through which a rocky plateau can be seen, half hidden by mist. Oh that I was bold enough to enter … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: 2020: Week #15

Thanks to Roger Shipp for hosting this weekly challenge. Full details can be found here Image: January MorgueFIle a2fcb55ca5db1109b34c023e488b84fc It only takes one candle To light away the gloom, One single warming gentle flame That dances across the room. It … Continue reading

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The tears fall, We may not know why Or what it is That makes us cry. Pain is apparent, We hurt and weep Frustration too Emotions run deep. A broken heart, Sadness true, Emptiness lingers Our mood is blue. A … Continue reading

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Weekend Writing Prompt #151 – Keepsake

Join in Sammi’s Saturday challenge by clicking here Kisses remembered and packed away, Eternally tender keeping my heart warm, Exciting and new then comforting and familiar Pleasure personified, personal and pure. Shared secrets, precious moments, Always loving, so many treasured … Continue reading

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A silly poem

A bird shat on our window pane, Freshly washed, it took careful aim, Streaking down the shiny glass Jettisoned from its feathered ass, Hubs was not impressed at all The bloody thing having such gall, ‘Next time’, he said, ‘I’ll … Continue reading

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