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Nobody’s perfect

Cast aside, Ignored, Unloved. Comfort shattered, A mistake. Simple, Not life threatening, Turned the world on its ass. Would never have thought Pain from this quarter. Impossible, But present. How long this judgement, No-one’s perfect. A mistake, But apparently Unforgivable.

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Morning Mist: a reblog

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Following on from my sunset, this was the morning after. Morning Mist (right) Morning Mist  (centre) Morning Mist (left) In the spectacular silence, Misty fingers reach out from the riverbank, Touching, mingling on the water: Two…

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Dream : a reblog

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Not all entries in my Scrapbook were whimsical or romantic. I obviously had a serious side which is depicted by the following: ? DREAM The church is full, I’m dressed in white, Walking slowly down the…

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A New Candle: a reblog

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We went to the Abbey today to light a candle for our friend in The Lady Chapel. We actually lit four, one each for our Dads, and put two others in between them for her and…

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Tale Weaver – #286 – Sunrise – 30th July

This week Michael asks us to write a response to the word ‘Sunrise’. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19271780/posts/2834209309 We’ve seen some beautiful sun rises (and sun sets) both on and off the boat, and on Christmas Day 2018 we were down on the beach … Continue reading

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A bit of Poetry

The scene was almost comical As she writhed and thrashed about Trying to get her jeans on Pushing in what was hanging out. Where did those inches come from? She asked herself in dismay, ‘I’ve been eating sensibly And they … Continue reading

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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #10: a reblog

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So now it’s time for the tenth weekly Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge. The image below is from Mrs-White at DeviantArt.com. They walked together hand in hand, Each glad to have found the other. No words were…

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Another Brain comes to mind : a reblog

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I expect some of you remember me saying about the poems I’d written that Mum had framed and put on her wall. One was called The Search for Mum’s Brain, and the sequel The Search Continues.…

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Do my eyes deceive me, Or is that a curve to your lips? A ghost of a smile is lingering As I caress your fingertips. I wonder if you can hear me, A glimpse to so long ago, Memories of … Continue reading

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Weight Issues: a reblog

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Oh, this is such an everyday topic in the media. The latest is certain celebrities are up in arms as their names are being associated with a set of scales without their permission (read ‘can’t make…

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