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Going potty

Yeah, I know, old and knackered. It comes to us all. Half of our plans for yesterday came about, but the curtain pole is still in the roof and the curtains in their packaging. No matter, Hubby did some work … Continue reading

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Look at that pole bend!

Well, what can I say? Hubby knows his onions, and of the set of 50 we planted, we got a yield of about 90% and something like 10kg of produce. They were harvested yesterday and now need them to dry … Continue reading

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Lavender’s Blue

We were talking to our neighbours this morning when we returned from our early shopping trip before the heat set in for the day. As one of the things we’d bought was a hoe, the subject of gardening came up. … Continue reading

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6.15am walk 9th May 2016

I picked up my camera this morning on the off-chance that I might see something interesting. The hedges were alive with sparrows and starlings,  and if the fluffy little bodies were anything to go by, there’s a lot of fledging … Continue reading

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Plant Life

I am like many people and do not have green fingers. Anyone give me a pot plant, and it is the kiss of death for this unsuspecting innocent of nature. A bunch of cut flowers I can handle now that … Continue reading

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Nature’s Lanterns

These were what I went back for yesterday, the cobweb lace and delicacy of Nature’s Lanterns. Can anyone tell me what plant they are please? Weed or flower? I’m sorry my pictures don’t do them justice. Thanks.

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Love Apples

TomAto, TomaAHto or Love Apple The tomato is called the ‘love apple‘ due to its seductive red colour and its sensuous sweet flesh. It is referred to as the ‘devil’s fruit’ by the Roman Catholic Church. or Translation of French … Continue reading

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