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Plans scuppered

Today we intended to go to Hubby’s GP appointment and then I was going to settle down to make some cards for some special people. Ah, it did not go that way! Well, it was a plan and we all … Continue reading

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Plans for the day………………..

Big mistake. When will we learn that if we PLAN anything, it goes belly up! I suppose the good news is that there wasn’t actually a lot of planning involved today in what we’d intended to do. Just a field … Continue reading

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Our guest has arrived!

Hurrah! MOH arrived this afternoon just after 3pm. Lunch was prepared (cottage pie with roast potatoes and veg) and I just had to turn the cooker on, but first ……………. CUP OF TEA! Poor Bud was like a hearthrug on … Continue reading

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The lights are on, but no-one’s home

It’s been raining today, and once again, the marina WIFI has failed. Actually it went off-line Friday afternoon, though we have not had to report it this time as several of the other boat owners, liveaboards or not, have gone … Continue reading

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Veg Project, part 2

Bet you were wondering how it was going (or not) 🙂 Well, no digging required, so that’s the easy bit, as success is all in the preparation. We purchased our growbags, buckets, pots, trays, seeds and onion set last week. … Continue reading

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Veg project part 1

Following success with our veg plot in the cottage, who would’ve thought that there was so much to take into account for putting a couple of trays on the boat roof to grow a bit of veg! After discussing what … Continue reading

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The Great Unveiling

We are done. And it looks great (well, we think so). Along the way, we had some modifications and amendments to our original plans which went something like this: Plan A. Modify corner cupboard, take out the two bench seats, … Continue reading

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Leaf on the Water

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves start to fall, and the colours of Summer turn from green to gold, russet and brown. Today is officially the first day of Autumn. Our seasons in the UK are all … Continue reading

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When your heart is set on caviar………………

Not that I’ve ever had it, wanted it, or fancied blackcurrant jam that tastes of fish (according to my Dad). Last week, we booked the car in for its first service. We suggested 11am as it would take about an … Continue reading

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Hi’s and Bye’s to 2014

We started the New Year with hopes of selling our house. Come March, we had a buyer, but it seemed downhill all the way, as we didn’t actually move until June 17th, and what a nightmare the entire process turned … Continue reading

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