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Lucky? Depends where you’re standing

Christine of Stine Writing gave us this picture for her Simply 6 Minutes challenge this week. Various responses raised many smiles from this corner, and I thought I would share this observation from Monday…………….

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Love Up on the Roof

Someone, somewhere has a pigeon loft. We know of a couple of dove cotes, but the number of racing pigeons that amass on the roof of the property opposite has increased significantly. It’s also Hump Central, as the males are … Continue reading

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We’ve been here almost 2 years and finally the marina has got its CCTV sorted. We overheard The Boss and The Guy discussing the matter, sites for the cameras, and cost. Ouch. Wish Hubby had been asked. For security reasons … Continue reading

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Love is in the air

Well, sort of. When Hubby was in one of his favoured DIY shops, I stayed in the car with the dog, and became intrigued with the behaviour of half a dozen or so feral pigeons on the industrial unit roof … Continue reading

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Feral pigeons, totties and painted nails

Today I was able to people watch, as we’d parked in a side road adjacent to the shopping precinct. Whilst Hubby was out looking for something in particular, I stayed in the car with the dog as it was too … Continue reading

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Fear of Birds

Ornithophobia: a fear of birds Birds may appear to have sinister overtones as depicted in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven (first published in 1845) and Hitchcock’s film The Birds (1963), so these and my post A Question of Balance … Continue reading

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