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The Beach today 21st December

Not all that long ago, the sand was flat and smooth. Not so today, and our sea defences are taking a hammering.

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Weekend Sky #50 – Dec 4th

Hammad Rais is our host for the Weekend Sky. Nip over to his blog and check out the video he’s put together. It’s awesome. I posted a lot of pictures of the beach on 27th November but kept one picture … Continue reading

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The weekend sky #49 for 20th November

Hammad Rais is our host for the weekend sky captures, a challenge I came across last week. You can join in too by clicking here The sky looked like it was on fire as the sun was setting this evening … Continue reading

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The ducks are back!

Some time ago, we purchased a large 25kg sack of bird seed, and the wild birds here don’t like it. The pigeons do, and as such, Portly and Breast are strutting their stuff on our bird table, one hitting the … Continue reading

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Twenty Four Hours later: 7th November

We are all back together after our Bug-Out exercise yesterday and this afternoon walked up to the prom to see what damage may have been done. We were pleased, and relieved, to see no evidence of the sea defenses being … Continue reading

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Maggie’s Rose

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost a year since we lost Maggie. It’s been a long year and we still miss her terribly. These photos were taken in February 2019, just after her 14th birthday.  The one on the … Continue reading

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Pretty Pink

I have often mentioned the beautiful garden we have up the road which is always well tended and a riot of colour. Photos: top 2021, bottom right 2018 and left 2020 Passing by on our walk yesterday, I noticed some … Continue reading

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Eye of the Peacock

The butterflies were back on the buddlieah this afternoon so I grabbed the Nikon to take some pictures as the peacock was in full stretch. I knew by the time I’d unlocked the Canon it would be too late, however, … Continue reading

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A perfect dawn

Hubby was up early this morning and taking the camera, went down to the beach to see the sun rise. This is not the first time we’ve watched the dawn of a new day on Aug 5th This picture was … Continue reading

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Full Moon 22nd July

Thought you’d like to see these which Hubby took through the window about twenty minutes ago. One was resized by percentage, the other by pixels. Fascinating that you can see the craters. No sign of the US flag though. Goodnight … Continue reading

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