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Full Moon 22nd July

Thought you’d like to see these which Hubby took through the window about twenty minutes ago. One was resized by percentage, the other by pixels. Fascinating that you can see the craters. No sign of the US flag though. Goodnight … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Rainbow

Rainbows are quite common here as regular readers will know. Usually the arc spans the road opposite, and if we’re lucky, we get doubles. They are always a source of magic, wonder and pleasure for me. Rainbow July 2018. Barely … Continue reading

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Today’s Walk 2nd July

We took the camera with us this morning, well, you never know we might see something of interest and have discovered that my phone camera sucks. It was nice in the park. I had a letter to post on the … Continue reading

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Moon shots!

It was a strawberry moon last night and I was hoping to get some pictures. We walked up to the beach in the early evening to get a feel for the night and as there was no lunar orb in … Continue reading

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Flower power

The Ancient Mariner took a bashing in the recent rain,  but we had a metal grill we put round it and it has survived well, no breakages. There are still a multitude of buds to open, and I took this … Continue reading

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Photo shoot

We had a walk in the park this evening hoping to beat the crowds, but even at 7.15, it was still busy. Rather than prattle on, I’ll just post the photos I took tonight. There are 19 in the gosling … Continue reading

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The moon by day

Due to cloudy skies and late moon risings, we were unable to view the Flower Moon at the end of May. I was disappointed, but there will be other moons to photograph. The sky is a brilliant blue today and … Continue reading

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Gone home

It’s nearly 8pm and we have had another enjoyable walk round the park this evening. It is so restful when the visitors have gone home and we can amble without having to get out of people’s way. Talking to a … Continue reading

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Older but slightly better picture

Following on from my earlier ‘chick on the back’ picture, I took this one three years ago: The original post was Baby Update 14th May This will always be one of my favourite pictures of the goslings though (May 2018)

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Cute alert May 16th

We had been told that there was just one gosling chick last week, but when our neighbour walked through the park on Friday, she said she’d seen three families. We decided to walk there today armed with my new camera … Continue reading

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