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I’m reconnected……………

It has been quite a day! We decided to head off early for our appointment which was just as well as we had a ten mile detour along roads we are unfamiliar with! (We avoided them coming back). Being in … Continue reading

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No phone zone

It was Finals Night last night, so another week without a match for our team. Just to make sure they didn’t think we had one, I sent everyone a text message and said I’d see them next week, the 12th, … Continue reading

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Some of my early readers may remember this post from October 2014 https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/the-only-choice/ If you haven’t read it, I’ll wait, as it’s quite relevant to this entry: (cue musical interlude graphics).

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Name Dropping

Technology and I aren’t exactly bosom buddies, but I appreciate that these days we can’t go far without it. From cars to microwaves, air and space travel to smart phones, it is there, a part of our daily life. Until … Continue reading

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This is a classic. We’ve all done it, bought something and then gone blindly in thinking we know how it works, even if it’s a model we’re familiar with. Hubby has just had to replace his mobile phone ready for … Continue reading

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The Only Choice

Morgan was a big man, at six three and two hundred and fifty pounds. But even he felt insignificant and inadequate when he saw the rows upon rows of choice before him. Why was nothing easy anymore? It didn’t seem … Continue reading

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To sleep, or not to sleep

Interesting topic on the radio over the past couple of days. It would appear that many people are not getting enough sleep, or are only napping due to anxiety or their subconsciousness. Why? Because they take their mobile phone into … Continue reading

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