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Nightmare Demons

They come at night, Stealthy, creeping, silent, As subconsciousness breaks They enter, I awaken screaming. The creature oozing out of the wall Becoming one with shadows But eyes gleam, legs stretch Coming for me, Enhancing my fears. The light snaps … Continue reading


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It may not be a big thing to you

But it was one helluva big step for me. Hubby was down the way tinkering with a friend’s electrics on his boat so I was here on my own with the dog, who was giving it major ZZZzzzs on the … Continue reading

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Cricket or hopper

Funny thing about public lavs and shower blocks, they always seem to have an abundance of crane flies (daddy long legs) and spiders lurking in the shadows. As a child, I was never happy seeing these things, and any need … Continue reading

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They’re not all bad

Cynophobia- Fear of dogs or rabies I love dogs, and knowing how much they can enhance your life, I feel sorry for anyone who suffers some kind of fear of them. Be it dogs in general, specific breeds, or the … Continue reading

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