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The Personal Touch

One of the things I enjoy about card making is that little bit of ‘personal touch’ that goes into each one, especially when I have someone specific in mind. Like my blog, I never thought it would take off the … Continue reading

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The Day the Music Died

Hubby has surprised me in that he is wanting me to have another piano, and once we are settled, I shall be ‘shopping’. I played for my Mum earlier this month and had a lump in my throat. I am … Continue reading

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What was on the cards today…………..

Hubby took the car back to the garage this morning as that annoying clunk has come back, despite all nuts, bolts and screws being fully tightened. I thought I would take advantage of having some Me time and spreading out … Continue reading

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I am Pensitivity101

The Oxford Dictionary definition of pensive is : Full of thought; plunged in thought; thoughtful, meditative, musing; reflective: often with some tinge of seriousness or melancholy. I picked Pensitivity as a name for my blog as I tend to be … Continue reading

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It’s a Blog’s Life

I feel like a woman possessed. Not in a bad way though. I wake up thinking about it. I think about it all day. I fall asleep and it’s probably my last conscious thought, apart from the Suduko I’ve done … Continue reading

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A Matter of Taste

For those of you who thought the previous short post was my entry in the Sense series, SURPRISE! That was just a little taster (sorry, couldn’t resist) . Source: WIKI On average, the human tongue has 3,000–10,000 taste buds. These … Continue reading

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The Personal Touch

One of my favourite albums from the 70s was ‘Touch me in the Morning’ by Diana Ross. The single was her second solo Number One when it was released in 1973. Sadly I made the mistake of lending my copy … Continue reading

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What it means to me

As I said in my earlier post, it’s Budget Day today. In years gone by, I wasn’t exactly fanatical enough to take the day off and make notes like some people I knew, but I would take an interest and … Continue reading

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Twenty Five Years on

Going through some old files, Hubby came across an envelope. Inside, was some personal stuff, and with his permission, I’d like to share this: You’re with me at my waking hour Although you’re not beside me, I hear you but … Continue reading

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