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Reflections on a grey day

The greyness of the day, Unusual for this time of year, mild and dry, People going about their business, Normalcy has returned after the holidays. The silence within is welcome,

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Words that bite………..

There are a couple of thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head lately: Be careful, what you say might come back to bite you and Many a truth said in jest. With Christmas now behind us, it’s time … Continue reading

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Peeve of the month

First and foremost, I am not knocking anyone’s faith or beliefs. I have my own which I am comfortable with, but they do not necessarily tally with what is written in the Scriptures. I do not force my opinion on … Continue reading

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Would this work?

I was reading the headlines in Yahoo this morning and this was one of them (source) Millions of over 60s living a ‘soulless life’ without money for eating out or holidays I am 66 and lucky to have a partner … Continue reading

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Blogging Insights NF # 47

Dr Tanya is our host and you can find out more here Our quote today is ” A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper.” K. D. White Is … Continue reading

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Sunday Poser # 75

Sadje is our hostess for the Sunday Poser question This week my question is: How quick are you in admitting your mistakes? I suppose it all depends on what the mistake was and why we made it. I’ve made some … Continue reading

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Time for a Time Out

I am not as young as I was. I am not as fit as I was. I am not a mobile as I was. I am not as quick as I was. I do not sleep as well as I … Continue reading

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When we die…………….

Rory aka aguycalledbloke has thrown this at us this week How important to you is the prayer and pomp of a funeral? When my Dad died in 1996, nobody was prepared for it, so it was very much a family … Continue reading

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Here’s a thought for you………… or not

Have you ever thought about the number of chocolates, sweets or biscuits you get in a pack? I ask because one of the things I always look for when shopping is weights and value for money. Too often the price … Continue reading

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Food thoughts 29th August

Funny how the mind works sometimes, but I was preparing some green beans given to us by our neighbour today and found myself thinking……….. Yes, I know that can be dangerous, but it did make we wonder why I was … Continue reading

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