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Fandango poses a truly thought provoking question this week and says I am not preoccupied with death, but I must admit that as I’ve aged, I think more about it now, as a septuagenarian, than I used to in my … Continue reading

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The Personal Touch: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
One of my favourite albums from the 70s was ‘Touch me in the Morning’ by Diana Ross. The single was her second solo Number One when it was released in 1973. Sadly I made the mistake…

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Just a thought………19th June

It has been another hot day, though after yesterday’s rain, the air is refreshed and cleansed. The house is less stuffy, and we can breathe easier. Hubby and I don’t like the heat. That’s not saying we relish in being … Continue reading

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Sunday Poser # 29

Sadje is our host for the Sunday Poser. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a hard life, but there are parts of it that were far from easy. It was difficult growing up in someone’s shadow, which was compounded by attending … Continue reading

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Letter to Ani

Dearest Ani, Photo copyright Sue Vincent I was going through Maggie’s pictures the other day and there you are. You could have been twins you know. You both had a liking for chicken and cheese and you share so many … Continue reading

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Stats, Diets and Well Being

It has been a roller coaster week for us what with changing the car, field trips, and chasing our tails for want of a better expression. The blog has suffered as we’ve been busy and my inspiration has waned, which … Continue reading

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Grockles go home!

They are everywhere like an irritating rash, popping up like zits and getting in yer face as well as in your way. We made the mistake of going shopping after we failed to get the paint we wanted for touching … Continue reading

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Now what was I doing?

We all have those moments when we forget what we were going to say or do, and nine times out of ten it stays forgotten because it has completely gone from our minds. Hubby and I are having more and … Continue reading

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Blogging Insights # Reading Prompt Posts

Dr Tanya is our host for the Blogging Insights series, and this week says Nearly all the bloggers I know love doing Writing Prompts. Today’s questions are about reading them. TODAY’S QUESTIONS Do you like reading posts written for prompts? … Continue reading

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Today is Thursday 31st December

Last day of the year folks, and I for one can’t wait to see the end of it. I woke up this morning thinking of times past, and for some reason my mind went back to my finances in 1981. … Continue reading

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