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Sense or Fad?

I’ve been listening to a TV programme on diets this morning, or should I say ‘exclusion diets’. Newspapers will run with ‘Butter is good for you’ one week, and ‘Butter is bad for you’ the next. The latest diet craze … Continue reading

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A Hubby’s View

Hubby met me from my SW group last night and as he waited in the foyer area, he listened in. When it had finished, I came out and told him about my gain, though I wasn’t too worried as it … Continue reading

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Friday Rant

This is the sort of thing that makes me blow a fuse (link) It is unfortunate that they are both out of work. It is sad that they are facing eviction (again). It’s tough they can’t get any state help. … Continue reading

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Harsh, Cruel or Deserved?

I read a headline this morning about a child being disciplined by her parents for stealing (link) This isn’t the first time, and her punishment is to have her Christmas cancelled. I’m in two minds about this, not from the … Continue reading

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Big Business to a ‘T’

The headlines today are full of one of our major supermarket chains who have announced they are to close 43 stores in the UK and halt construction on some 50 others. They also intend to close their main Head Office … Continue reading

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