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Lucky? Depends where you’re standing

Christine of Stine Writing gave us this picture for her Simply 6 Minutes challenge this week. Various responses raised many smiles from this corner, and I thought I would share this observation from Monday…………….

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People Watching in a Car Park

I haven’t had the chance to people watch for some considerable time, so sitting in the car yesterday waiting for Hubby gave me an opportunity. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it did seem a little ‘odd’,  though there … Continue reading

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People watching 27th January

This is something I haven’t done for a while as to be honest, we’ve been too intent doing what has to be done and getting back to base as soon as possible. I used to enjoy people watching as we’d … Continue reading

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The Green Shoes

They were very smart green suede shoes with a modest heel and looked comfortable. They have been following me. It started in the car park when a lady walked past me to get a trolley. I was fumbling around for … Continue reading

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Dropped Off

Nope, nothing to do with Rory’s latest Not MY Verse poem I participated in yesterday about insomnia, but the 24 hour Gizmo Monitor has been dropped off at the hospital with the minimum of fuss and NIL in the car … Continue reading

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Playing catch up again

We’ve been out and about today so blogging has taken a back seat and I’m playing catch up. After our fitter left just after 10am, we decided to go shopping and asked our neighbour if she needed anything or perhaps … Continue reading

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People Watching June 3rd, 2019

We had a field trip to Skeg today. We had intended to go yesterday but other things took priority so we went nice and early before traffic and the heat started to go against us. I actually remembered to make … Continue reading

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The Man in the Window

Think of us as we find our feet in our new home and how long it will take us to find ‘that bench; for ‘that cup of coffee’ to people watch as we did here!

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People Watch post

Here’s something I haven’t done for a while! Hubby had a bit of shopping to do in town today so we walked up, taking the dog. I walked on to the coffee shop, taking a bench while I waited for … Continue reading

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We’re wafting in the air……….

Nope, nothing to do with The Snowman. Just observations amidst the puddles. We made a bit of a mistake today when we drove into town as we didn’t anticipate that the weather would change quite so soon, so we got just a little beyond … Continue reading

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