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Tomato and pepper pasta

You will need Quick cook pasta of your preference 2 fresh tomatoes ¼ each of green, red and yellow peppers 1 onion 1 generous shake of italian herbs 2 gloves garlic ¼ inch fresh ginger 1 stock cube (I used … Continue reading

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U, V and W ……………

These three were toughies, but like the R, S and T post, I can group them together. U is for United. Hubby and I have been united in our efforts to not have the bad stuff and to deter us … Continue reading

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No, this is not a type error or case of dyslexia. This is about FOOD BOREDOM  I suppose school dinners could be blamed for some of it. I mean we had mash, boiled and roast potatoes once a week, curry … Continue reading

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Jack in The Box

  “Come on over for a meal,” my friend said. “I’ll cook a chilli”. A time and date was agreed and hubby and I were really looking forward to it. On arrival, we presented our hosts with a bottle of … Continue reading

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Tomato Pasta

Here is a simple, quick and cheap meat free meal which I hope you will enjoy. INGREDIENTS   and approximate cost 250g pasta quills                                500g bag 29p 1 400g tin … Continue reading

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