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What we used these past seven days

Living on a budget isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you learn to make do, stretch the basics and become inventive with ways to serve them. Fat lot of good is a load of money in the bank when you … Continue reading

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Today’s Experience in the Supermarket

Getting up early wasn’t a problem as we had another bad night with Maggie and got about 3 hours sleep. We’re not sure if it was something she ate or something she sniffed, but poorly she was and I was … Continue reading

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It’s getting out of hand

I’m a level headed kind of gal most of the time.  I think things through, plan to some extent and bumble along quite happily. Or did. We tried an evening shop again tonight, and managed to get 4 cartons of … Continue reading

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An Unpleasant Day

Our days vary, from good to not so good, but it is extremely rare we have an Unpleasant Day as there is always something of worth every day, something or someone to make us smile. We have had to change … Continue reading

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Late night shopping

Yep, we had this sussed. Got the timing right and there were few people and the shelves were being stocked with the latest delivery. We’ve just got back. Few people, tick. Nothing to buy. WTF????? No stock being put out … Continue reading

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Because I fancied chocolate………….

We took Maggie for a walk down by the beach this afternoon then went on to the Supermarket for the not-supposed-to-be-allowed goodies. First, the beach is awesome………….. the water churning up the sand as the waves crash against the shore … Continue reading


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