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And the Hip Bone’s connected to the ……………….

I am not your standard kinda gal. I cut myself on the box getting the knife out, I fell up a step, eating salads makes me put ON weight, and I have less hair on my legs where I didn’t shave that the … Continue reading

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How else can I tell you?

I look at you and you smile. I snuggle close and you put your arm around me. But it doesn’t help. I call to you, but you ignore me, getting impatient with my whimpering. I stumble as I get down, … Continue reading

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What’s a-foot?

Yeah yeah, I know, twelve inches 😀 All joking aside though, I have a problem. I had my six monthly diabetes check on Monday and the nurse told me the results of my blood test were ‘superb’.  My weight has … Continue reading

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Splitting a Hug

Over the years, Hubby and I had collected numerous teddy bears in various guises, the cuddly toys, books, ceramics, pottery, pictures, figurines, and we wrote stories about some of them and how their lives were before they joined our growing … Continue reading

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The Price of Freedom

She looked down into the valley and remembered the excitement she had felt from this very same spot five years ago. As she’d rounded this particular bend so long ago, her heart had been overflowing with love at the prospect … Continue reading

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Scrapbook entry 1984

I was going through my old scrapbook this week, and it was obvious from what I had written at the time that the early 80s were not exactly a happy time for me. I remember writing the following. It was … Continue reading

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The Last Crown

It would appear the chocolate brazils have also had their revenge on my hubby. For a few weeks, he’s been asking me when our next dental check up is. Knowing his memory is sometimes approaching that of a goldfish, I … Continue reading

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The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and nothing but The Tooth

I am a wimp. There are no two ways about it, if there was an award for Wimpship, I’d win it hands down. Saying that though, I am not one to take pills unless absolutely necessary and will normally soldier … Continue reading

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