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Film Review: Rambo, Last Blood

I bought this yesterday as we hadn’t had a new film for a while and as we’d seen the other 4, I was interested to see where they’d take the story. I’d read years ago that Clint Walker was going … Continue reading

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The Year That Changed Everything: Book Review

You may recall this post Well, I finished it last night, so here is my take. The above book is by Cathy Kelly, an author I have read a lot of over the years because I like her style of … Continue reading

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Now about that book I’m reading

I was given three books two Christmases ago and hadn’t picked up any of them. That changed a couple of nights ago when I thought maybe I ought to make the effort and do something different to blogging or playing … Continue reading

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Just a thought re Big Business

Big Business is suffering in the Coronavirus pandemic, and if my understanding is correct, they too are looking to the Government for grants to tide them over. Big Business is money or maybe money is big business but I am … Continue reading

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DVD Review: X-Men Dark Phoenix

This is the twelfth film in the franchise, and the sequel to X-Men Apocolypse (which we watched the other night, and Hubby could not remember AT ALL). And it would appear it was not very popular! Unfortunately, even a star-studded … Continue reading

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Does ‘it’ make me look FAT?

Melanie at sparksfromacombustiblemind posted a response to Beckie’s prompt, and I was tempted to as well as I could identify with the picture, but I got engrossed in other things ‘off-blog’. This is the prompt (the link didn’t work for … Continue reading

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Marrying into Royalty: a personal view

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m waiting for the official announcement that a Lord/Lady Sussex is on the way. She looked lovely, and they look happy. It’s not easy living in a goldfish bowl, no matter how ornately decorated, … Continue reading

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Life begins at Forty

thousand pounds a year it seems. Hubby drew my attention to this (source) Then he played around a bit with a site called minimumincome.org.uk  which confirmed that our joint income does not allow us to have a decent standard of living. … Continue reading

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Headline eye catcher 11 June

This caught my eye as I was checking my emails this morning. History of the Yugo (link) All I can say is what a load of twaddle. “The car was slow, crawling to 60 mph in 14 seconds and topping … Continue reading

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RadioTopic: Zero Tolerance

The subject today is speeding on our roads, and the wish to introduce zero tolerance, so that even if you only go one mile above the limit, you will be fined. I saw a sign similar to this in NZ, … Continue reading

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