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One Liner Wednesday: 10th November

I saw this on another blog and it tickled me, so thought I’d share. I looked up the original and it’s from Facebook.com My contribution to Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday today

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One Liner Wednesday: 18th August

I saw this sign on the roadside coming back from town yesterday after the USB Cable hunt. ‘GIANT BOOK SALE 21st to 29th August’. Hubby said I might find it worth a look, to which I quipped ‘I haven’t got … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday 28th July

Hubby just saw this and I think it is rather poignant considering who said it In response to Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday challenge.

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One liner Wednesday 2nd June

Reading a fellow blogger’s  OLW about dieting, I thought how my own has sort of gone sideways as well as outwards. My scales were not friendly this morning, no matter where I put them. Here are two of my favourite … Continue reading

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One liner Wednesday 26th May

I saw a sign outside a small cottage today that read: Toms Runner Beans, and wondered if Tom knew they were offering his runner beans for sale. Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday

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One Liner Wednesday March 3rd

I’m combining Fandango’s one word challenge PATTERN today with Linda’s One Liner Wednesday as my train of thought came up with this……………. Life is one rich tapestry, but for some, there is no pattern to follow.

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One Liner Wednesday 16th December

I posted a response to a comment about past experience shaping our present (thank you Sadje) on an earlier post and thought it would be a good One Liner for Linda’s challenge. It’s all part of Life’s rich tapestry, including … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday with a picture

Following on from Linda’s One Liner Wednesday today, I ‘recycled’ this picture from another blog almost four years ago. I’ve always loved it.

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One Liner Wednesday 5th August

Bouncing off a post by Christine,  I immediately thought of this! My contribution to Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday

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One Liner Wednesday 1st July

Stone seen in background of the story behind Dr Hook’s hit ‘Sylvia’s Mother’ video “Age is a matter of feeling, not years “ Written for Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday  

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