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Walk in my shoes, or perhaps not

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Although I was anxious about today’s vet visit, it wasn’t that which kept me awake. It was pain. I first noticed a problem in the afternoon when I stood up and my foot … Continue reading

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The Last Dance

The soft music played over the intercom in the minimarket. It was a classic piece from yesteryear, the kind of music that made you sway gently and put you in the mood to dance. He came in alone, wearing a … Continue reading

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Age is catching up with us all

Maggie will be 13 in January. In Doggy years that will make her 91. Photo on the beach this week. Always active and ready to chase gulls, crows, squirrels, pigeons and lift pheasant or partridge alike, these days she is … Continue reading

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What is Love?

Love is probably one of the most complicated things we experience, as it has so many faces and depths. It pulls at the heartstrings, divides loyalties, causes rifts, and tears you apart. L   Lasting O  Overpowering V   Volatile E   Emotional … Continue reading

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Her Chariot Awaits

Poor Maggie. She had such a lovely time yesterday swimming in the sea and dashing about over the grass to dry off. This morning she’s awoken extremely stiff and isn’t putting any weight on one of her hind legs. We … Continue reading

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Old Girl

I lingered and watched you walking, A fluid spring in your gait, Taking in your surroundings, You stop when I tell you to wait. Nothing is missed by that nose of yours, You squat often to leave your mark, At … Continue reading

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Too Many

The newborn was placed in her arms, a tiny, red-faced prune-like creature. A boy. Timothy. So many years ago she had held a baby just like this for the first time. But she knew this was not her child, yet … Continue reading

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I Love you Mum

I have reblogged a post entitled The Heartbreak of Dementia today and although I know my Mum won’t be reading this, I hope she knows somewhere in her mind that I think of her every day. Sadly, I also know … Continue reading

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