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The Day of Drooping Tulips

It was a funny old morning when we woke up. For a change, I wasn’t sleepily groggy even though it was only 6am and as we had no plans for the day and the subject had come up yesterday, we … Continue reading

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Clean Up Duty

They opened the door and were greeted with the dry stuffiness of a house not lived in for many months. Their instructions were clear. In the kitchen, all opened packets were to be dumped. Anything intact and within date was … Continue reading

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Mothers I have known

As many countries celebrate Mother’s Day today, my mind is drifting to parental relationships elsewhere in another kingdom. Two fields behind us are a herd of cows. They are a variety of colours, from black and white, brown and white, … Continue reading

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Where’s the ‘I’ in Hierarchy

Definition of HIERARCHY: any system of persons or things ranked one above another. The first born and eldest son takes priority, then his offspring, their offspring etc etc. Second in line is also a son, but he doesn’t hold the … Continue reading

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