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Anger Management

She was running late, and damn, had just put her finger through her last pair of tights. It would have to be trousers and pop socks today. Dirty dishes lay in the sink and nothing had been laid out for … Continue reading

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One more Night

I posted my last entry from the library this morning. Although I don’t understand computers, I have a USB key and remembered to save my document in a slightly different format than what’s available on my laptop which is running … Continue reading

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The Power of One

I remember when the mechanic in the garage would service Dad’s car. He’d do everything, but these days, it’s all done by computer. The ‘engine technician’ just hooks the car up and plugs it in, twiddles a few knobs, tweaks … Continue reading

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A Flower for Love

When I was working as an office temp on a year’s contract, there was a young male member of staff who was ‘blessed’ with all the things girls desire, that is if you like tall, blond, blue eyed and not-bad-looking … Continue reading

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Self on Self

How do you see yourself? Not just looking in the mirror or a reflection in a window, but how do YOU see you, the person? I’ll bet it’s not as others do. As a child, I was expected to help … Continue reading

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